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Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey Puzzle Tree
Posted by: Greg Weiss (IP Logged)
Date: October 05, 2007 20:29

Monkey Puzzle Tree - Araucaria araucana. The tree was moved just a couple of Metres back in March for a planned pathway. The tree was/is a good 3 Metres tall, & all be it was smothered with other trees & shrubbery, looked very healthy. Digging out was performed carefully around the tree as to not damage the roots, but I was surprised how little root there was in digging it out? Approximately a Metre of the tap root was retrieved & all the other roots undamaged as they were shorter. Well packed in, watered in, & staked I hoped it would be o.k. Signs though started to show a couple of months later that the tree was in distress, now most ends are brown or browning & one & a half whole branches have browned. How can I help this poor tree, I hope I can as I would hate to think that at my hands it has fallen. Please Please tell me what I can best do to bring it back, or have I done it wrong or ... ?

Thanking you, in anticipation of reviving help, Greg.

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