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Try to find these attorney authors for a referral

Try to find these attorney authors for a referral
Posted by: M. D. Vaden of Oregon (IP Logged)
Date: May 05, 2007 03:55

Go to the ISA - International Society of Arboriculture website.

In the bookstore, find the book, which I believe is called "Aboriculture & the Law" written by two attorneys who specialize in Tree and Pesticide related court cases and lawsuits.

My book is packed, because our home is for sale, otherwise, I'd get the copy and find the names.

So... get in the ISA site, find that book, and try to get the name of the authors. Or verify the name of the book and find the authors at

Pause..... I'm going there now .........

The authors are:

Arboriculture & the Law

SKU: P1215
PRICE: $47.95

Arboriculture & the Law Description
By Victor D. Merullo and Michael J. Valentine


Now...... There's another book too

Tree Law Cases in the USA
By Lew Bloch

SKU: O2013
PRICE: $59.95


You may want to order those books. It will give you a good "feel" for how things work in the USA. The real point I'm getting at, is for you to contact those attorneys. The "ABOUT THE AUTHOR" mentions where they are based, if I remember right. Its hard to imagine that they would be specializing in that branch of law, and not know appropriate and useful contacts in other countries like the UK and Canada.

A search for Merullo and Valentine, showed online results that their book is included in the Melbourne, australia library and other places. So its used in several countries.

I can't quite locate their cities online looking for just attorneys.

The ISA might possibly have the contact info for them.

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