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north east lime tree winter care

north east lime tree winter care
Posted by: kerry (IP Logged)
Date: November 04, 2007 22:16

first summmer I had the tree it bore fruit. I brought it in for the winter and kept it in a room that got direct sun and the average temp was 70 degrees. It looked like it was getting new budds then the leaves started to fall off. I thought it was dying. I put it outside for the summer and it seemed to come back, but, it did not get any fruit. Now it looks healthy and I brought it back in for the winter. Again it looks like it is getting new budds.
What do I do now?
I would like to get it to bare fruit again and at the right time.
Do I fertilize?
How much do I water?
Do I put it in darkness or light?
What temp. should it be in?

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