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Whats wrong with my Silver Birch

Whats wrong with my Silver Birch
Posted by: Clare Howarth (IP Logged)
Date: November 17, 2007 10:07

Hi, I have a Betula Jacquimonti, that we planted in April 2005. We live in the north west of england. The tree doesn't seem to have grown any on the branches there doesn't seem to be any new growth however the trunk has peeled a little. The overall tree looks a little sorry. It gets new leaves in spring and they last until autumn however when the leaves drop you can clearly see the mass of catkins it is retaining (this has happened over te last 2 seasons and I am not sure whether these are the same catkins over this period)The catkins themselves are brown and deformed looking - being small curled up and irregular shaped.
Please could any advise

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