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How to get answers to your questions

How to get answers to your questions
Posted by: chris (IP Logged)
Date: April 21, 2007 14:03

Posting a question to the Ask an Arborist forum is easy. It's getting an answer that is the tricky bit! Here are a few simple pointers to maximising your chances of getting an informed response.

The right forum?
This is a UK based site and we deal mainly with trees that are hardy and grown outdoors in the UK. Other arborists do pop in so you may get lucky, but if your question isn't really related to outdoor tree care in the UK you probably won't get an answer. If you're from the US, you may find Arborist Site more useful.

Search first
Before you ask your question, do a search to see if it's already been asked and answered here. The panel quickly get fed up with typing the same answers over and over, so if the answer's already here you'll probably be ignored.

Setting the subject
Choose a subject that is a short description of your question. Subjects like "Help!" or "A question for you" tell us nothing at first glance, and if you don't catch our interest at first glance you've lost the battle!

Give details
Sounds obvious doesn't it, but you'd be amazed how many people don't! Give the full details of the problem. "My bay tree looks sick - what's wrong?" tells us nothing. What are the symptoms? When did it start? Anything that could be relevant, but most of all ...

Tell us where you are
Different trees grow well in different climates. Different problems exist in different places. If you don't say where you are, we just can't help.

Be polite and patient
The advice here is free and given by volunteers. If you don't get an answer, don't rant about it. It won't help do anything other than get your post deleted.

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