New advice on tree safety

New advice on tree safety

posted by Chris Hastie on Dec 12 2011 18:34

Managing the risk from trees is the responsibility of the owners and managers of the land on which they grow. There are many different types of landowner and trees grow in many different environments. These guidance documents have been developed to support the work of all those involved in tree management; whether connected with streets, parks, public open spaces, businesses such as hotels or farms, private estates, woodland, commercial forestry or private gardens.

The main document (FCMS024) provides guidance for inspecting and maintaining trees; guidance that is reasonable and proportionate to: the low risk from trees, the benefits of trees, and the health and safety obligations of those responsible for trees. As a national guidance document produced by an authoritative and representative group, its content and recommendations, if followed, should assist trees owners involved in personal injury or compensation claims when presented to the court as supporting documentation.

The landowner summary document (FCMS025) provides a summary of the full guidance document. It is intended for landowners of estates and smallholdings and all those who manage, advise and work on them. The summary does not contain references, notes, detailed discussion, contacts or acknowledgements. Managing trees for safety (FCMS026) is a leaflet for tree owners to help them understand the issues around tree safety and come to a balanced conclusion.

All the documents can be downloaded or ordered by visiting the Forestry Commission website at