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Banner and text adverts can be placed across the site, including both the Ask an Arborist forum and the UK Tree Care mailing list web site-over 50,000 individual pages.

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We use Google's Adwords system to place geotargeted, contextual text adverts across the site. Google AdWords is a robust advertising programme that connects your ads with customers on this site and across the web. Write your own message and set your own price for each ad click or impression - you have complete control. You can have your AdWordsadverts on this site in minutes!

Start advertising here with Google AdWords now.

Banner adverts

'Above the fold' banner advertising can be purchased on a cost per thousand impressions basis (CPM), starting from as little as £3.00 per thousand impressions. We can also arrange to show your advert only to visitors from a particular country.

If you're interested in banner advertising on, get in touch by email to info [at] raggedstaff [dot] net, or call us on +44 844 562 4497.

Advertising by email

We can also offer advertising by email to the 500 subscribers to the UK Tree Care mailing list. This is highly targeted advertising, taking your message straight into the inboxes of tree care professionals. Whether you sell trees, training or chainsaw trousers this is an extremely cost effective form of marketing. The UKTC website has more information on email advertising.

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