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Indoor Lemon Tree

Posted by Tony Eagles , Feb 28,2005,21:41       Forum

Hi, I have a Lemon tree which I have owned for 18 months. during this time it has shed all its leaves, has had a sort of scale form on the branches of the tree, and has no new flowering. It was kept in the kitchen during the cold Winter months and outside during the summer.

I decided to look on the intenet for advice, and its become apparent that i wasnt looking after the tree as well as I might have. I have since moved the tree onto a large, well sunlit bedroom windowsill, have watered it better and have removed the scale using warm soapy water. I have also removed some dead looking branches. I have 1 lemon currently on the tree that appears to be growing very slowly and has a black mottled colour on its underside.

To my delight a few new leaves have grown back, and the tree looks a little healthier now. I have been feeding it some winter feed and it looks a lot healthier. However, when I water the plants, lots of really small white critters come to the surface. How do I get rid of these? I have been looking on line, but am not sure quite what these creatures are, or if they are harming the tree. It says to use some insecticidal soap, but I dont know what this is or looks like. Can you advise me on a brand name or type? Is this what I need judging by my description?

Any help is much appreciated.

Best Regards Tony.

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