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Re: Indoor Lemon Tree pest and disease

Re : Indoor Lemon Tree -- Tony Eagles
Posted by Newt , Mar 01,2005,10:03    Top of Thread   Forum

Hi Tony,

A wonderfully written summary! I'll answer your last question first. Insecticidal soap is basically what you used to clean your plants. Soap and water. :) Safer is one brand that comes to mind if you want to purchase already made stuff. It's for spraying on insects on the plant, not in the soil.

It sounds like the black mottled color on the bottom (or blossom end) you are having on your lemon could be 'black pit', not to be confused with 'black spot'. This comes from overwatering as far as I know. Here's a fairly helpful site on citrus diseases and pests.

Here's some sites to read about growing citrus in containers.

Here's another forum where you can get better help then I can give. These are friendly, knowledgable and wonderful folks. You will need to register, so it would be best to give your state and hardiness zone so folks can better help you. Do give them the same description as you gave here as I feel the dead branches and the black mottled color may be related. Do describe how it is behaving and exactly where it is on the fruit.

Good luck,

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