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Re: Olive tree, where to plant

Re : Olive tree -- Helen West
Posted by Newt , May 09,2005,19:55    Top of Thread   Forum

Hi Helen,

I'm not sure where to start with this. I suppose the best place to start would be about planting your olive in the ground. Your olive wants to be a large tree that will grow to be about 7 to 12 meters tall (up to 40 feet) and up to 4.7 meters (15 feet) wide. The roots of a tree will grow BEYOND the mature crown, so if the hole is any closer then 2.5 meters (7 or 8 feet) to the building, that won't work. The more space between the mature crown of the tree and the building, the better and it is usually not recommended to plant a tree any closer to a building then 5 meters (15 feet). The rubble will probably add to the drainage for the tree and shouldn't be a problem if there is soil in the rubble. Here's some info on olives. Note the size of the crown in the picture at the bottom of this first link.

If you plan on putting the tree in a pot, you will need a pot that is at least 70 cm (about 27 inches) tall and wide. A pot should be about one third the size of the plant. My main concern is the condition of the rootball. I'm certain that it is so rootbound that you will have to cut the pot from the rootball. In order for the tree to anchor itself either into the ground or another larger pot, and the roots to not continue to circle, you will need to do some work. I would suggest that you try and remove as much of the dirt as possible from around the roots and try and untangle the roots as much as possible. You may need to cut a root or two that is circling. I would suggest that you use a hose to rinse off the soil and attempt to loosen the roots before planting it either in the ground or a pot. You will definately need help with such a large tree. The roots will need to be spread apart or they will continue to circle and the tree will be unstable and could fall in a storm if planted in the ground. Here's some info on how tree roots grow. Click on the pictures of the first site.

If you decide to plant the tree in the ground and you are able to unwrap the roots, you will need to stake it until it can establish it's roots in the soil:



Mulch and water:

If there is anything I missed or you have more questions, just let me know.

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