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Pruning trees - generally

Posted by Kirstine Cox , May 31,2005,17:05       Forum

Hello, I wonder if you might be able to help me.

I have been having some difficulty with my neighbour whose trees have grown so high they are:

- blocking ALL light to our garden (it is 130 feet long so this is a lot of light to block out!)
- preventing our plants, flowers and grass from growing
- a potential subsidence problem to our property
- potentially hazardous in bad weather
- completely ruining any enjoyment we could be getting from our lovely garden

We have spoken to our neighbour on several occasions and asked her if she would be kind enough to take some of the height off so that the sun is no longer obscured. She has said that cutting the trees will kill them and she wants to consult an arboriculturalist before she will take any of the height off.

She has an extremely narrow garden (about 10 - 12 feet wide) which is absolutely crammed full of trees on both sides of the garden - a mix of leylandii on the right and a mix of other trees and bushes bordering our side. Because they are so closely planted together the trees are very tall with foliage only appearing at the very top - rather than evenly spread. It is clear to anyone looking at them that there are too many trees in the garden and that pruning would do them some good.

Can you tell me: does pruning a very tall tree / taking some height off pose a significant threat to the life of a tree? Would you assess that pruning some of these trees would harm them or do them some good? I am convinced of the latter but would rather take advice from an expert.

Look forward to hearing from you - and thanks

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