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Re: LINDEN TREE yellowing leaves

Posted by Newttt (Newt,Newttt), Jul 14,2005,14:57    Top of Thread   Forum

Hi Ben,

There are several pests and diseases that can attack lindens. Look carefully to see if there are any pests on the leaves or trunk. Look for any small holes on the trunk or branches. Stress from drought or overwatering can also cause this. If the tree was planted too deeply or the mulch is too thick or against the trunk that could also be the cause. Here's a site about lindens. Read especially the last page under 'Pests' and 'Diseases. Also take note of it's location as these trees develop large root systems and need LOTS of room to mature. Check that last page under 'Use and Management'.

Here's more helpful info to see if it's been planted at the proper depth and mulched properly.

If you see any signs of pests and aren't sure what you are seeing, let me know.

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