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Re: Type of maple tree ??

Re : Type of maple tree ?? -- Neil
Posted by Newt , Jul 30,2005,23:07    Top of Thread   Forum

Hi Neil,

I don't know if you have found the tree you would like, but most maples grow much larger then the height you have requested. Upright Japanese maples will fit what you are looking for though. I did a search at this site that has loads of helpful info about Japanese maples and based it on your stats. I asked for Fall color - red, Growth - upright, Landscape height - 16' to 20', Maximin USDA zone - 8. Here's what they recommend. I didn't put in any 'groups' or 'cultivars'. These long links often don't post properly for you to click on, so you may have to copy and paste. If not, the second link is for the search page.,50,43_48/*ws4d-db-query.ws4d?Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DAlpha1=%5BAll+Groups%5D&Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DAlpha4=%5BAll+Cultivars%5D&Condition=and&Condition=contains&%5BClass%5DAlpha5=%5BAny+Color%5D&Condition=and&Condition=contains&%5BClass%5DAlpha6=%5BAny+Color%5D&Condition=and&Condition=contains&%5BClass%5DAlpha7=red&Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DAlpha8=upright&Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DAlpha9=%5BAny+Leaf+Shape%5D&Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DAlpha12=16-20&Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DAlpha13=%5BAny+Size%5D&Condition=and&Condition=is+less+than+or+equal+to&%5BClass%5DNumber3=%5BAny+Zone%5D&Condition=and&Condition=is+greater+than+or+equal+to&%5BClass%5DNumber4=8&Condition=and&Condition=is&RecordsPerPage=10&Results-Table=results%28c%29.table&Submit.x=88&Submit.y=7&Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DStorefrontID=3&Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DOK2Publish=True&Condition=and&Condition=is&%5BClass%5DNumber5=1&Database=Class&BreakTable=10&Page=0&SortBy=%5BClass%5DText1&LinkField=%5BClass%5DText1&Results=results.html&Results-1-Record=testproduct.html&No_Records=No_Records.html&Table-Color-Even=%23ffffff&Table-Color-Odd=%23ffffff,50,43_48/search.html

Here's the main page for this site. Do click on 'Articles' on the left for lots more helpful info. The 'Trees' catagory is good as well.,50,20_4/index.html

If that doesn't suit your fancy, there just might be some dwarf maple that I don't know about. You might want to ask these folks. They're quite knowledgeable. Do register so you will get notification of a response and a better chance of one as well.

If you need sites on how to plant, water and mulch your new tree just browse here or ask.


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