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bent yuka tree.

Posted by Rupert Jones , Aug 14,2005,12:58       Forum

hi,my neice recently moved home & gave me a yuka tree...when she droped it off i noticed it was about 7 feet tall & in a pot that looked far to small & it was bent in the miidle & leaning to one side,i asked her why this was & she explained that the room it was in had a low ceiling & that it was bending over because it was to tall...the room i have it in now has a very high ceiling & very light so i hope it will be happier here...the problem i have is i know nothing about yuka trees & i dont want this beautiful plant to die through my does look a little unwell,it has a few dead leaves & looks a little tired,i also beleive the room it came from was quite dark...could you please give me some advise on what to do for this poor tree...some of my questions are as follws...should i repot it & when? often do i water it? i remove the dead leaves? is covered in dust do i clean it & what with? or what can i do for it to grow upright & get rid of the bend? i feed it with plant food?...i would much appreciate any helpful advice you can give me with my dilema...thank you for taking the time to read this & i await your reply with interest,

yours sincerely,

Mr R Jones

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