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Re: Occasional Yellow leaves on a Cherry Tree

Re : Re: Occasional Yellow leaves on a Cherry Tree -- Earl
Posted by Newt , Aug 23,2005,04:58    Top of Thread   Forum

Hi Earl,

What a small world the computer has brought about. This site you have written to is located in the UK. It's been abandoned by the folks that started it and I try and answer as many questions as I can. I live 'next door' to you in Columbia, Maryland!! A small world indeed. :)

Getting back to your cherry, the ants lead me to believe that you may have either scales or aphids. Both produce a waste material called honeydew and the ants harvest it. Recycling at it's best! Look to see if there is any sticky residue on the leaves that have fallen or on any that are on the tree. Both aphids and scales come in different colors.

Another possibility would be carpenter ants. Do you see the ants marching off the tree and towards your house? This area is famous for them. I had the same problem as I watched the ants march off the tree and straight into my house. We had to remove the tree and do extensive repairs to the house.

If you find any of those, I feel that they are secondary to the problem. Since I live so near you, I can say that I haven't watered one tree or shrub this year as I haven't needed to. I have two young trees that were planted 3 years ago and they haven't received an extra drop of water. Watering a mature tree, considering the amount of rain we have had, is going to kill your tree. A slow drip hose for up to 12 hours once a week should only be done if there has been no rain for a month or more and it's hot, hot, hot. You did say a mature tree. I think you are weakening your tree, inviting root rot and pests as well. I would suggest you stop watering and let the soil dry out. A mature tree shouldn't need supplemental water with the weather we've had. Here's some info on tree roots, mulching and watering mature trees.

And congratulations on your new home!

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