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Please HELP, I'm loosing my Jacquemonti Birch trees.

Posted by Rich Lee , Sep 06,2005,05:19       Forum

Hello Everyone, this is my first visit to this site. I'm hoping someone can help me. I purchased three beautiful Jacquemonti Birch trees. One was in a 36" box and the other two came in 24" boxes. I spent roughly $1000.00 delivered. I started off by digging my holes exactly how I was told by the nursery. (Problem # 1, I was probably 3-4" too deep because I measured prior to adding my topsoil to the newly landscaped yard) The first 2-3 weeks the trees looked great. The soil ended up covering the crown and it took me a week or so to realise why the trees were looking so bad. I then had to raise the trees 4" so they were above ground level. That was a major chore in itself. One of the trees is showing life with nice healthy green leaves. The other two look deader than dead. It's soooo sad and knowing the money I spent makes it even tougher. I called the nursery and they came out and looked at the trees. He asked me to deep water them for two weeks and he'd come back out. He stated it looked like I planted them properly. Does anyone think there is anything I can do to improve the chances of them recovering? I really hate to loose such beautiful trees. I haven't asked the nursey what their going to do if the trees die. I know most of the nursery's in our area offer a 1 year replacement warranty. Right now I have a drip hose 5-6" below the surface for watering. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you in advance!! Oh, I forgot to mention. The week after I planted my trees we had a 28 day heat wave come in. It was 102+ for 28 straight days. I know that didn't help.

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