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Ficas Tree Loosing Leaves

Posted by Melissa , Sep 24,2005,22:43       Forum

Hi. I read a previous post regarding a ficas tree loosing leaves and I wanted to ask you a question about mine.
I am not aware of what type of ficas it is but I bought it in a grocery store 10 years ago. It has grown wonderfully and been a very healthy beatiful indoor plant for the entire time. This past monht, this tree is loosing a tremendous amount of leaves. I come home from work and the tree ( I swear) has lost 150 leaves. I haven't changed a thing w/the tree but I will say that I haven't transplanted it in about 4 years. Could the problem really be that it is due to be re-potted? Or do these trees adapt?
What I mean by that is I live in Maine where we have the 4 seasons. Has this plant learned to hybernate so to speak in the winter months and therefore shed its leaves in the fall? Sounds rediculous I know but until lately, my tree has NEVER lost the amount of leaves that it has?
Please help!!!!! I am not really looking forward to coming home one day and finding just the trunk to my ficas.

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