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Re: Young Horse Chesnut early leaf shed

Re : Young Horse Chesnut early leaf shed -- Lindsay Smith
Posted by Ahren , Nov 24,2005,15:46    Top of Thread   Forum

Hi, we have a lot of those trees in California. We call it the California Buckeye. They thrive on our arid hillsides in conditions that would toast other trees. However, they have a habit of dropping their leaves really early. About the middle of summer, perhaps August/September, they all just give up and go dormant. It is probably a reaction to being in xeric, low-water conditions; I think the tree does it to save itself the anguish and energy expenditure of keeping up leaves when there is no water about. We really only have two seasons in California. The sunny one, and the rainy one.

I am a student at Sonoma State University and we have a lot of the red ornamental kind of horse chesnut planted on campus. Since they are landscape trees, the Grounds Department keeps them well watered. So, they just began to lose their leaves in mid-November! We have the variety with red flowers that have yellow centers. I think it is called: Aesculus x carnea 'Briotii'. Quite a spectacular tree.

One thing I have noticed is that if the trees go dormant, and then we have a warm spell, they get confused and start opening flowers again. The grounds department has everything on automatic sprinkler, so they are always getting watered. That probably contributes to the tree's off-season flowering.

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