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They want to cut our tree down

Posted by Denise Wood , Jan 27,2006,10:00       Forum

We have just moved into a new house. In our back garden is a large tree which had a preservation order on it. When they were building our house they needed to have access to a neighbouring property to put up scaffolding and in getting permission they agreed to landscape part of their garden and get planning permission to cut down our tree.

The tree has been badly cut at some point over the years, its not particularly pretty, but the squirrels use it as grand central station and its very near the fence of the neighbours garden, where they have a tall conifer tree which they say our tree is killing.

The builder went through the process of getting permission to cut down the tree and permission was granted. However the process took so long that we have since completed and moved in. One day a surgeon turned up to cut the tree down. Had we not been there to stop him he would have gone in and done it.

We were advised that there is nothing essentially wrong with the tree, apart from having been badly cut and we should get someone in to do a survey and see if there was anything we could do to improve its looks etc.

We did make enquiries at the cost of a survey was going to be over 300 pounds, which sounds extortionate.

The neighbour has been complaining to the builder that the tree is still there and they want it cut down. The builder has rightly pointed out they need to now speak to us.

I think were keen to keep the tree, but can anyone advise of a more economical route to getting a survey and approaching this problem in the best interests of the tree.

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