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a ficas tree problem

Posted by John Williams , Apr 12,2006,03:33       Forum

I had a Ficas for 15 years, eventually I gave it away "to a good home". However, over the years I have propagated cuttings from that tree that have done very well. Before The tree 'went' I took cuttings and over a year have rooted them successfully. Repotted them to larger pots, with rock drainage and good fresh soil.

I live in a different apartment since fall that receives good ambient light but NO sun. I knew over the winter I needed a little something extra. I have been using a spot grow spotlight type light positioned about two feet over them. it is not the sole source of light but meant to supplement what they do get naturally. Over the winter they have flurished with new growth.

Suddenly, a few weeks ago one does not appear to be doing all that well. New tiny leaves have fallen, in a couple days. Older leaves have strange lighter and darker 'stripes' that move out from the center of the leaf to the edge. I did add a small amount of mild house plant fertilizer at 1/4 strength. Have not done that since the cutting.

I'm a little miffed and as strange as it will seem to some have never had a problem with a ficas so, I have nothing to compare it to.

While the one tree has the leaf drop problem both have the light and darker 'patterns'. I do not have any other plants, no sign of bugs. I will say that both trees seem very much alive, but the one will lose a leaf in a blink.

Can anyone help me with an idea of what might be happening?

Thak you in advance.


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