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Leylandi going brown

Posted by diane kendall , Apr 23,2006,12:05       Forum

Urgent Please Help

Our trees are at least 15 years old and we inherited them with the house. There are 20 trees and they form a hedge at the front and side of the property. They have been regularly trimmed and kept at about 5 feet high. 2 years ago they started to go brown and woody with very little greenery on some of them. We tried to feed them but found it difficult to find a proper feed. This year they look pretty bad in parts and we are not sure whether to cut them right back to about 3 feet and see if they recover or whether they are too far gone and should be removed. The trees get a lot of light and sunshine. Someone said the damage could be windburn or a virus. We live in N Ireland. Any suggestions/advice greatly received.



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