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Silver Birch tree problem...... help

Posted by Alyson Illingworth , Jun 21,2006,20:28       Forum

Please could you help ? I live in the Northern area of the Isle of Man, the weather tends to be better in the North than in other areas of our Island, it is warmer, less windy or damp and very green. 3 years ago my daughter bought us a Silver Birch for our Silver Wedding Anniversary and it has has grown beautifully without any problems then this year although its leaves are green, i have noticed that they have started to turn a bright yellow then as they drop off the whole of the branch and its leaves just die, the leaves have got small black spots on them whilst green but it is not alike all over the tree. I have also noticed that where the area is affected some of the tree branch is of a dark brown unlike the rest of the trees branch/branches. The discolouration of the leaves is not in the one area of the tree. I do cut the branches off the tree as soon as i see the leaves turning yellow as i am worried that what ever it may be may transfer to the rest of the tree but this does not seem to help. I have looked for any sort of bug, fly or catapillar but nothing.
The tree is sitting in a good position in the gearden and seems to have been quite happy there for the last 3 years so we are at a loss as to why the tree has suddenly gone as it has. Please can you advise us as to what we can do or indeed what is wrong?

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