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Re: potted weeping willow

Re : potted weeping willow -- Beckie Cook
Posted by Rebecca Lawrence , Aug 20,2006,11:36    Top of Thread   Forum

I have the same problems of dying leaves and eaten leaves with a potted White Willow (Salix alba darts snake), as well as eaten leaves on a miniature weeping willow. I suspect it may be catepillars that are eating your leaves as this seems to happen to our willows every year - I just either remove the catepillars (can be small and green and hard to see) or often leaves are covered in them if you look closely, in which case I just remove these leaves altogether. This should keep the problem at bay (you probably only need to do it once or twice a year).

I would welcome feedback from others though on why the potted plant starts looking so weak at this time of year (a bit early for leaf fall!).

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