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Magnolia seeds?

Posted by Leslie Perry , Oct 16,2006,20:27       Forum

In May my husband and I moved from Spring Hill, TN to Bradyville,TN. We had an enormous Oak tree there and I hated to leave it. (We sold the land to developers:(.) I did, however, keep some acorns from the tree last fall and now have 3 about 18 inches tall growing at our new place! All from tiny acorns! At our new place, there is a gorgeous Magnolia tree by the stable. I am so proud of those little Oak trees, that I'd like to try the same thing with the Magnolia. I realize that I can buy a tree already 10 feet tall for a really good price. but half the fun of growing the Oak trees was the fact that they came from the acorns from that old Oak tree that I loved so much...I don't know hardly anything about trees, and it was dumb luck that the acorns are doing so well. But my question is this: What part of the Magnolia is the seed?!?!?! Is it the big bud type pinecone looking growth or the small pieces inside the bloom or what? Noone I've asked is really clear on the subject. I DID call a nursery, and they said they didn't know, they just tried to sell me a tree! Please help! I know how to BUY a tree! I want to actually GROW one!

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