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Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans': 'Elegans' Japanese-Cedar1

Posted by Eileen Nolan , Nov 10,2006,00:35       Forum

How can I successfully take a cutting from this tree, and is it possible to move one that is around 7' tall? The tree started off as two small ones, which were planted together `temporarily` about twenty years ago for myself and a dear friend who has since died. We never got to split the trees up! I have since ended up with three barks, goodness knows how, all in one place and the tree(s) are getting very big. It is a lovely tree as I`m sure you will agree and although I suspect you will say it is too large to move, I would like to be able to grow another one in a more suitable location in memory of my friend. Failing that, (if it is unlikely to cause structural damage being very near the house, I do not know if they have large tap roots) will I be able to pollard it, although like trees of its kind it appears quite dried up and devoid of leaves inside, a condition I do not know it will recover from. I live in Essex but the clay soil does not seem to affect its growth at all.
Thanks for your patience in reading this and hope you are able to advise.
yours gratefully, Eileen

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