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Trees cut down Sunday 03 December 2006

Posted by Richard Mulholland , Dec 03,2006,16:55       Forum

Can any one advise me please

I would welcome any advice you may be able to offer, either on actions I can take or research documents/legislation I may investgate in this matter.
I have tried to encaspsulate the facts/occurances; if any further information or clarification would assist your deliberation please ask.

Land opposite where I live is the subject of preliminary development discussion, presumably residential. No formal application has yet been made.
I informed my local authority that I had seen a workforce paying particular attention to 2 x mature trees, my belief (wednesday 29 November this year) was they were preparing to demolish the trees.
The authoritys' arborist who I spoke with could not tell me if the trees were protected. I requested that he & I discuss the protection of the trees.
He informed me that he would initially discuss it with the planning officer for the area.
On Sunday (today 03/12/06) at 0900hrs the trees were cut down. A neighbour talked to one of the workmen and asked why were they doing the work on a Sunday he was told "there are no planning offices open on a Sunday"
Can you advise me if other incidents have occurred nationnally or if legislation exists which may assist my research in having the trees replaced in an immediate adjacent location.
I hope you can advice me on this matter.

Best Regards
Richard W Mulholland

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