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Large Leylandii Cypress

Posted by Stephen Lee , Mar 23,2007,16:53       Forum

Dear Sir/Madam

I have recently received estimates for lopping a tree in my back garden which recently suffered storm damage.

I also have a large Leylandii Cypress in my front garden about which I am receiving conflicting advice and would appreciate your assistance. The circumference at the base of around 2 ft. The top was taken off around 18 years and it has regrown to a height of approximately 55 ft.

Our options are:
1. Do nothing; it seems stable, but if it was to fall over would likely cause damage to property. It is approximately 20 ft from our house.

2. Reduce the height by one third. This would be a short-term solution as it would continue to grow!

3. Remove it; its quite a feature of the street scene and we would replace it with something.

If we leave it either trimmed or not, we also have a problem with the roots. They are pushing up the brick pavier drive and something needs to be done as they are a potential H&S issue.

Two of our "experts" have said that we should not lift the drive and trim the roots - just raise the level to the highest point. The third expert, who I perceive to be from the most professional firm has said that we should lift the drive and provided the roots are no greater than 3" diameter, they can be cut out.

I can email you some pictures if that would help.

I look forward to your comments on how we should proceed with the tree and/or roots.

Stephen Lee
Tel: 01923 825173

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