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What is Top Tree Sites?

Top Tree Sites is a directory of websites about trees and tree care in which the listed sites are automatically ranked according to the number of daily unique visitors they receive.

How does it work?

Participating sites place a small bit of code in their page which displays a button. The button is hosted on our servers and this allows us to keep track of how many visitors each site receives. Most of our buttons will display the site's current rank on them.

How do I get my site onto Top Tree Sites?

Simple. Just head on over to our sign up page and register for an account. It's simple and free. Once your account has been approved (we manually approve all requests - we don't want a list of porn sites) you'll receive an email containing the code which you need to place on your site.

Do I have to have a button to take part?

Yes. The button is how we keep track of how many visitors you receive. But we have a range of different buttons to choose from, some of which are extremely discrete. We may also be able to work with you to provide an alternative that fits in better with your site design.

What about privacy?

We collect only as much data as we need to work out how many unique visitors a site receives in a day, and keep it only as long as we need for that task.

We need to record the IP address of visitors to make sure we don't count them twice in one day. We keep this information only for the day (tomorrow's another day, as they say).

We also set a cookie to help us to identify unique visits. This contains only the time of a visitor's last visit and helps to reduce the amount of work our server has to do to identify unique visits.


Top Tree Sites is based on Aardvark Topsites PHP, with lot of hacking by Raggedstaff Internet.

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