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Terms of service

  • Joining Top Tree Sites is free and is open to any website that is directly relevant to trees or tree care.
  • Sites that are not relevant to trees, or that contain offensive material, will be removed.
  • Members must place the supplied link/button code, unaltered, on their site. Altering the code may lead to the site being removed. This code enables us to track the site's usage and to rank the site. A number of alternative look buttons are available from the User Control Panel.
  • Members who record no page views for more than 10 days will be removed.
  • Sites are ranked by the number of unique daily visitors, averaged over the last 10 days. Any attempt to record false hits will result in the site being removed.
  • We reserve the right to edit a members entry to more accurately reflect the nature of their site, or, for example, to place the entry in a more appropriate category

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