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Re: SRA Competition

Subject: Re: SRA Competition
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Jul 21 1999 22:08:46
UK Tree Care -

The original debate began during mid-1997. I attended the SRA course
and promptly left after the first of two days, astonished by what I was
being told. Press coverage followed and damning statements were made.
End of story, not really, the course continued to run, monies were
taken and punters were hoodwinked! 

The SRA methodology as we know, is well and truly fucked, given that it
never really stood a chance in the market-place anyway! 

However, it must be understood, that a few of those with a common sense
approach, took it upon themselves to enlighten the powers that be, that
the SRA was fundamentally flawed and could not work and therefore
should be dismissed. To those few we give our thanks. Without them,
many mature trees would have been unnecessarily removed!! 

To those of you ivory tower dwellers who continually pronounce "OK
let?s leave it and yeah, you?ve had your say", where the fuck were you
when the shit was hitting the fan?? 

We need to thank our colleagues for their endeavours, then bring the
debate back down to a gentle simmer, but we must NEVER turn off the gas
(circa March 1999; Jamie Oliver; Knightsbridge - what an inspiration in
the kitchen of Arboriculture).

Let us move forward in promoting good arboricultural practice and that
means a serious coming together of ALL Arboricultural bodies. Its
simplistic, so let's go for it! 

Unless of course you wish to remain in the dark, with an OWL!!

Paul H.

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