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Pruning & Root Response

Subject: Pruning & Root Response
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Jul 23 1999 06:30:34
UK Tree Care -

To prune and remove portions of the tree's leaf area - what are the
effects on the root system, both short and long term. What are the
implications with regard to vegetation effects on ground subsidence and
the differential movement of low rise buildings? The same applies to
new housing development - Incorporation of building foundations in
proximity to trees/localised vegetation on shrinkable soils.

Please do not quote NHBC 4.2, otherwise known as "what an absolutely
fuckwit publication." A construction guide for half wits and those who
wish to turn it on it's arse and call it a model for subsidence
post-damage investigation in relation to trees and building subsidence.

I'm looking for clever people to provide clever answers. Reliable data
and on-going R&D accepted. 

Wonderful people, you remind me of me!!

Paul H.

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