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From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Aug 02 1999 18:27:15
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I agree, though the provision of the method statement and site
supervision is still relatively new for the private sector consulting
arborist. It can only be a very good thing to be able, through
conditions of planning to arboriculturally police for 20+ months on a
small site and be able to assist in the preservation of trees, after
all many authorities are far too stretched (budget wise) to visit on a
regular basis and this is when damage often occurs. We are currently
working closely with a number of authorities and developers, though
many authorities have never come across such a simplistic but effective
approach to preservation before. As for the SORP product, it simply
ties up the loose ends of the AIS. To stand on site for four and half
hours (last week) watching hand dug drainage system installation in
proximity to trees is one thing, to carry out a 'survey' whatever that
is?? and walk away with the cheque at the architectural stage is
another! The SORP programme is a well thought out credible system and
the training providers have fundementally enhanced our view of the
planning system, as well as the many other disciplines provided. I
applaud it and all those involved. It is seldom that but a few can
change industry thinking for so many.    

The system works - When a Tree Officer turns up with his own camera to
take shots of extremely expensive protective fencing positioned outside
the dripline of every tree, hedgerow and other significant vegetation
on site, with prominant red sign boards depicting Tree Protection Area
- Total Exclusion Zone every 20m.

A Question? How many consulting arborists actually oversee the
development site from drawing to completion of the construction
project?? Very few I would imagine, though this is a system that should
be actively enforced by LA's.

Paul H.

PS Andy, Please talk to me in public, I can take it baby!!
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