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Slagging Each Other & Mathematical Models v Common Sense

Subject: Slagging Each Other & Mathematical Models v Common Sense
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Aug 18 1999 22:32:36
UK Tree Care -

Is it true that the arboricultural industry is the only industry which
provides an extremely subjective group of people who regularly comment
amongst themselves on their colleagues abilities to be able to perform,
with such comments as  "I?ve read his/her report and it was shit and
therefore he/she is a dickhead." We?ve all done it and still do it!

Is it not a simple case of co-operation and dissemination of data?
Working together as a team, toward a common goal. Maybe real

I have spoken with people who promote SRA and others who quote NHBC in
subsidence cases and development site appraisals.  Its not a case of
slamming them, but providing guidance and reassurance in the use of the
objective methodology in all aspects of arboricultural investigation.
At one time we drilled trees, filled cavities with concrete,  bored
holes to drain water pockets, painted wounds with arbrex, flush cut to
make things look pretty and then topped the tree to reduce wind
resistance. We don?t employ these specifications anymore, because the
industry agreed amongst itself that these actions were wrong. The same
principle applies to the use of "mathematical models" when
investigating trees. Models & trees don?t work and never will. Data is
one thing, 2x4+7 is another. 

Our SRA instructor at Reasheath College summed it up by saying;
"Without SRA, I would still be using NHBC 4.2 in reverse." 
I soon walked out and never returned, unfortunately about 15 CLEVER
people remained, (I think they all ended up as Tree Officers or
Planners or something??.).

Maybe I?m the only one, but I?ve written thousands of reports and have
never been happy with a single one. There always tends to be something
missing, but I guess that?s because the arboricultural industry is
infinite and on the scale of things I simply know fuck all! 

Though in the scheme of things, common sense will help me to prevail


Paul H.

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