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Re: AA Website

Subject: Re: AA Website
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Aug 23 1999 18:29:04
UK Tree Care -


My apologies for the delay. The list will be made available by the end
of this month. People are already signed up for its distribution to
estate agencies, lenders and insurers as well as local authorities. The
AMIUG logo will hopefully take its place within the 'Yellow Pages'
Trade Page. I will also distribute the list at the forcoming AA and
NATO conferences (Sept/Nov). A major press release for AMIUG and the
list is also in place for early September. AMIUG website is due
December/January. No double standards here!!! (I think you know me
better???) And don't forget, these are expenses paid only duties,
unlike fully paid officers I could mention.

For further details on AMIUG matters, contact the Technical Secretary
Steve Parker:



Paul H.
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