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Amenity Valuation = Bitches + Spelling

Subject: Amenity Valuation = Bitches + Spelling
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Aug 27 1999 06:30:45
UK Tree Care -

Amenity Valuation of Trees & Woodlands:

What is the group's stance on Amenity Valuation of Trees & Woodlands?
Is this not a model of sorts (subjective, yes, but accepted in many

What is today's conversion factor - it was £14.50 two years ago?


As for some of the recent postings, I suggest Davey and Pastie (a
superb double act - currently appearing in summer season at Great
Yarmouth), go off line and argue the toss, cos it's the most boring
shit and litters my email in-tray. 

Others having a pop at each other like there's no tomorrow, well its no
different than me when I used to go on-line to the States and give some
screwball a pounding, but I finally learnt to calm it!! Let us have a
bit of 'common'. You sound like a bunch of women at the minute.  

Given the amount of grievance you guys are creating, the AA conference
should be fun stuff! 


Would you ever produce a report or specification with a spelling
mistake? I don't think so, so why make those mistakes here. Spell Check
- After all, you do have the technology. (though I must admit that the
word "from" is often easily mis-typed "form" and the checker cannot

Paul H.

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