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Re: Crown Reductions

Subject: Re: Crown Reductions
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 01 1999 20:30:46
UK Tree Care -

Dear David

Re: Crown Reduction

Your superb talks at Kew and Birmingham Botanical gardens provided a
welcome change and new enthusiasm toward plant pathology and tree
hazard assessment. Far too many Arboriculturist?s, myself included,
have a limited pathological bent and scurry headlong into ?mistaken
obscurity?. Your own philosophies are to be admired and I would
recommend that others are encouraged to follow suite. Very few people
change arboricultural industry thinking, I feel that given time, you
are capable enough to be one of those few. 

I know talent when I see it!!!!!

Praising you is one thing - Crown reduction is another, how about crown
thinning? - mortality spiral?s, available allelochemical defence
mechanisms, removal of photosynthetic bio-mass, compounded defects etc.

Thinning often equals more wounds (many times smaller usually), though
over a greater percentage volume of the canopy. To me, a good crown
thin will equate to opening the ?plumb line? of the tree?s vascular
system and after time the whole thing becomes ?riddled? with decay - or
not? and if not, why not?

Is crown thinning therefore as problematic as reduction. Is the general
Arboricultural policy simplistic - NO pruning is good management? I for
one, do not prune for pruning sake, though from what you pronounce, we
cannot prune for safety, we prune only to accommodate the client need
i.e. increased light, reduced leaf litter etc. We do not prune to abate
soil subsidence, that would be pure stupidity (though many think it's
the answer, but only because they have read and believed the SRA brief
and are not clever enough to understand the bio mechanics of the
dynamic living organism). In reality we can only remove trees entirely
to secure safety. Though the old saying is "there is no hazard without
a target and the hazard will always remain a hazard until you remove
the hazard or the target". (Paul H. circa 1999)

Specification - To balance the crown and reduce wind resistance -
though a clever guy once said (I think his name was Mike somebody or
other), the only time a tree is balanced is when it?s dead! I have to

We are all on a learning curve here, the more data I come across, the
more I realise I am as thick as s... (have you noticed - no swear
words) when it comes to Arboriculture. I?ve only just received the
updated TPO Regs. How many others have got them? (2nd August 1999). 

Dave, see you at Edinburgh, I look forward to your continued
enlightenment and pro-active approach to Arboricultural issues.


International Society of Arboriculture UK/I Chapter - Plant Health Care
(PHC) - 12th October 1999 - Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. Please book
early as places will be limited. Call Kelly on 01962 XXXXXX for booking
details. Come and support the Scottish Arboricultural Industry.


Paul H.
PS. Mark - Your place in Australia -  January 2000 - What do you reckon
- Am I still invited?????

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