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Re: Crown Reductions

Subject: Re: Crown Reductions
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 01 1999 20:30:57
UK Tree Care -

Dear Andy

Firstly, my head has been above the proverbial rampart for the last 15
years. I've also suffered more holes than Bonnie and Clyde on their
last days vacation in the countryside!

Secondly, you sell chippers for a living, not arboricultural advice, so
shut the f... up!! (Davey, no swearing again.. this has to be good,
though you must help out coz I aint got a clue what I'm talking

Pollarding v pruning mature trees - No contest, no reasonable impetus
and no real answer. Completely different scenarios. You prune, you
create wounds, wounds will infect, you create problems. Simple, or am I
wrong?? Or are natural target pruning techniques enough defence to
evade potential pathogenic ingress?? Back to the clever people!! 

Paul H. 

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