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RE: Utilities & Street Furniture --- Trees are structures too !!

Subject: RE: Utilities & Street Furniture --- Trees are structures too !!
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 03 1999 20:09:36
UK Tree Care -

What's all the fuss?

Following the EA 1989, I was closely involved at the very early stages
of tree clearance works for MANWEB in North Wales. We spoke to the LA
on hundreds of occasions in order to let them know exactly what our
Arborists proposed to do for the utility. We also managed through clear
and concise communication to avoid the conflicts you now mention. 

It's a simple lack of communication and co-operation between LA's and
REC's. But also a failure by some of the so-called professional
arboricultural companies, who refuse to become embroiled in simple
negotiation on behalf of their client. I suggest you stop pondering on
what might have been and utilise the opportunity for objective
discussion and meaningful agreement between all parties. 

Paul H.

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