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Re: Utilities & Street Furniture --- Trees are structures too !!

Subject: Re: Utilities & Street Furniture --- Trees are structures too !!
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 03 1999 21:37:13
UK Tree Care -

It is not so much a painful journey as it's happening now. The beef I
have, is that almost all consulting arboriculturists do not take
advantage of their marketing position to sell the thing to the LA. The
client wants his units and will do almost anything to achieve detailed
planning permission. You simply need to convince him that your
objectives are solid. Do you not get re-current work with a number of
developers. Take the AIS a stage further and make provision for Method
Statements and on-site supervision. Given time, the policy comes into
play, LA's adapt and promote, and may finally insist, that "The
appointment of a Consulting Arboriculturist to oversee the works
(Arboricultural Site Supervision) and act as intermediary between the
Local Authority and Developer is a way of ensuring that the works would
be undertaken correctly".

What are your criterion for development site appraisal?

The usual is:

A document with surveyors outline trees/hedgerows etc..
The tree survey
The architect scheme
The site meeting with planners - problem solving excercise
The alterations to the AIS/unit density/position/services, agreement on
tree removal, pruning, replacement/protective fencing, dimensions
The planning application
And if successful - The site supervision - throughout the life of the
development and into post-development if necessary.
Most of the so-called Consulting Arboriculturists get a call from the
developer and he says " I need a tree survey". So you survey providing
single dimensional data, condition etc, you then hand over your report
and never hear another thing. That is not product salesmanship, it's
pure stupidity!!! Marketing strategy alone would tell you that you've
missed a marvellous opportunity to make stacks of cash, build  houses,
but save loads of trees. Everyone's a winner. 

I'm convinced that those arboriculturists not selling development site
supervision, are not really capable of doing their job!!

Paul H.

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