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AMIUG - National Membership List

Subject: AMIUG - National Membership List
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 04 1999 07:18:12
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AMIUG - National Membership List

The 1999 Arboricultural Mortgage & Insurers Users Group (AMIUG)
national membership list is now available. Copies are being sent to
over 1500 estate agencies nationwide, with many more to follow,
marketing various insurers and lending organisations. Copies are also
available at the ISA stand at the AA conference 6-8 September. A press
release with Horticulture Week goes out on 9th September. The
membership list will also be distributed to all Tree Officers
throughout the UK and Ireland. The list will also be available on the
ISA stand at a further five arboricultural events this year and lots
more in 2000. 

Copies are available free of charge.

For a copy, please telephone the AMIUG Technical Secretary - Steve
Parker on: 0113 XXXXXXX.

Paul H.

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