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Holly Trees - Supplemental

Subject: Holly Trees - Supplemental
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 10 1999 06:30:29
UK Tree Care -

The background on the case:

The five trees are growing on land owned by a number of residents, on
the edge of a grazing patch (farmers field). Each resident is entitled
to all of the vegetation. The original specification forwarded by the
LPA (the tree group are in a conservation area) suggests that the group
be managed as trees and not as a group/hedge. The reply by the LPA
continues "The surgery could have been carried out to a higher
standard, but the Council cannot apply or enforce conditions to control
work when dealing with a Notice received under section 211 of the Town
& Country Planning Act 1990".

The "Get-Out" clause is fine, but I cannot accept that some arsehole
official endorses the use of another arsehole Arborist (in this case a
non-Arborist) to inflict inferior quality work. I'm sorry if I offend,
but it's just NOT ACCEPTABLE!! 

The amenity valuation was in the region of £400.00 (though I have no
faith whatsoever in any numerical figure being applied to a dynamic
living organism - far too subjective). The conservation values for
roosting birds was quite high (though little fruiting activity for
feeding). The trees also acted as a sustainable windbreak - though
density has been considerably reduced. Still, the lady overlooking the
trees is upset and to her they are important and we must never discount
the feelings of people closest to the vegetation that they enjoy and
own and that have been disfigured. I shall continue to fight her
corner. The Holly trees no doubt will survive, unlikely danger of
damage through failure, its just the sheer ignorance and total
stupidity of the LPA to firstly agree such a specification and secondly
deny that bad works have been performed (how can you say its
acceptable, but could have been to a higher standard - is it acceptable
to leave great big stubs everywhere following the removal of 50%-60% of
the foliage - COME ON??). After all, the basis for all Local Authority
specifications is the employment of current industry best practice! 

Paul H.

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