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Re: BS 5837 : 1991 Trees in relation to construction

Subject: Re: BS 5837 : 1991 Trees in relation to construction
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 10 1999 16:43:12
UK Tree Care -


One County expressed post and rail at 1.5m with chestnut pale which is
above the standard. The big issue to us all on development sites is
firstly unit density (early stage pre-application and try to re-design)
and protective distances from trees. The protective distance issue is
extremely subjective, though Matheny & Clark have approached the
"relative tolerance of selected species to development impacts" with
some vigour - we must follow their approach in the UK and we must
research more on this subject. The potential light levels reduction to
properties also needs careful consideration. The new property owner
will simply make application to prune or fell and the LA will have no
real defence but to agree, after all they allowed the building to go in
so close. It's nice to have sturdy protective fencing outside the
drip-line of every tree on site (Mold in North Wales is an example),
have site supervision for the next 23 months and have the developer pay
for my time, unfortunately we live in the real world and its not so
simple each time. This industry evolves extremely rapidly, an
arboricultural document over say 3-5 years of age i.e. BS 5837, NHBC
4.2, BS 3998, etc.. should be re-examined and altered as mandatory.

Paul H. 

PS. I have been severely beaten over the head by a number of people in
response to my unprofessional attitude on this and other forums. My
apologies to all. My aim is not to upset,  but to enliven, I shall tone
down somewhat in the future, though please do not remove my freedom of
speech!! which ever form it make take. Thanks.

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