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Re: Arboriculture

Subject: Re: Arboriculture
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 12 1999 17:59:16
UK Tree Care -

I'd agree with Andy,

There is a terrible outcome to this issue if it goes wrong and
unfortunately I think it will go wrong. 

Scenario - The word Arboriculture becomes the norm, the punter runs
with the Arborist or Arboriculturist as a quality guy, though the bad
guy simply removes lopping and topping from his advert, pronounces
modern Arboricultural practice and carries on making his mess. That has
to be bad for trees! I reckon we stick with what we've got and continue
to educate the punter. Certified Arborist is the key to this one.
Simply changing the name won't change today?s or tomorrow's

Paul H.

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