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Re: requests for tree advice

Subject: Re: requests for tree advice
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 18 1999 20:30:35
UK Tree Care -


Forget the liability for the moment...

There is no such thing as "general subjects" with the public's
enquiries. You get questions like "I have an Oak tree 5m from my
property, will it cause subsidence???? (and it's as short a message as
that). Can you explain to them the answer without visiting site? You
will inevitably (in your last paragraph) tell them to seek localised
professional advice - every single time!

Fine, go ahead, but watch yourself in a couple of months spending hours
relating advice on some obscure subject for FREE!!! 

You provide all the free advice you like, but don't forget who's paying
the phone bill!!!!!!. Not good business sense.

Paul H.

PS. Do AAIS give free advice over the telephone regarding tree matters?


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