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RE: BS 5837 : 1991 Trees in relation to construction

Subject: RE: BS 5837 : 1991 Trees in relation to construction
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: Sep 29 1999 06:30:38
UK Tree Care -


It's late, I've glanced at your stuff, changes do need
to be made, I agree. Many of us will no doubt reply in
more detail and on-mass to your posting over the next
few days. 

You wrote:

"11.2. Might it be an idea to relate tree vitality to
the categories of (vigour) to be found in the
Arboricultural Association subsidence risk assessment
handbook? This gives eight different classifications
of "vigour" against the two given in the British

I picked up your comment on the SRA classification for
"vigour." How on earth can any individual give eight
classifications in one area? A bit vigorous, a little
bit more vigorous, a little bit more than vigorous
etc... This has been a running joke within the
industry for the last two years. And that's exactly
what it is, a joke. 

Site supervision and Arb method statements are key to
tree survival, I'm glad you mentioned them. My new
site supervision note is available on request (put
together this month with the help of Arbs and Tree

You need a body of people to sway BSI towards change,
maybe UKTC are the group to sway, cos you won't do it
on your own, though good luck!


Paul H.
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