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Re: tree work applications, who decides?

Subject: Re: tree work applications, who decides?
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Date: Oct 04 1999 13:45:48
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Whilst working at my last Arboricultural Officer post within a District
Council, I would liaise with Parish Members, as and when appropriate in
relation to CA notifications and TPO applications. For example, if they (the
Parish) appeared to be neighbours that were affected by a TPO that was made
by me, TPO's made would be copied to all those parties. Further public
consultation, which is nice, might be explored when viewed in respect of
those three old chestnut's, priority-juggling, time and expediency.

I have concerns over the degree of arboricultural expertise and experience,
that in my experience, the average Parish Member might possess.......calls
to reduce everything within a 35m radius of everything else, in the name of
tidiness no doubt?

Nick Hammick
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Subject: tree work applications, who decides?

UK Tree Care -

Hears one aimed primarily at local authority arbs - but (as no doubt you
will) all are welcome to chip in.

I have received a letter from a Parish Council suggesting that it should
they and not the District or Boroughs that make decisions on TPO/CA
applics/notices - being the ones most affected, local and all that.

Any of you got any experience of any where that has such a system in place
or thinking of giving it a try or got any constructive comments to make?


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