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AA Technician's Certificate Examination

Subject: AA Technician's Certificate Examination
From: Jonathan Oakes
Date: Nov 26 2000 13:46:23
For a dozen years or so the above qualification has been available to tree
care professionals and people in associated industries.  It fills an
important gap between RFS Certificate and RFS Diploma.

As most of you probably know achievement of the award is gained by passing a
written examination and then successfully completing a management exercise.

I have been co-ordinating the qualification on behalf of the AA for 6 months
and it has now been decided that the qualification needs to come under the
control of an awarding body.  I have detailed the benefits of this in an
article in the recent Newsletter(attached).

Before the award can be accepted by the awarding body it has to be confident
that the qualification is supported by the industry and to that end I would
be extremely grateful if anyone who could provide written support to please
do so either by writing to Ampfield, emailing them or me

Thanks very much

Jonathan Oakes

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