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RE: Disposal of waste

Subject: RE: Disposal of waste
Date: Nov 23 2000 18:12:45
I agree compleatly with your first point but, the cost obviously varies from 
area to area. Round this neck of the woods the average is £20-25 but the 
cheapest is £16 the problem with the £16 one is that while it is shredded and 
commpostede it is allowed to fill with contaminates such as plastic, and then 
ends up as capping on land fill site. Not as sustainable as it seems and a 
bit of a way round the landfill tax.


Kev. Moore

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A few thoughts

You are exempt from registering as a waste carrier if you only carry green
waste. You can confirm this by ringing the Environment Agency, but
that you only produce green waste. If you do produce rubble, etc. from
landscape gardening, then you will need to be registered, I believe.

Registration for a green waste exemption is a new one on me. Assuming such
an exemption even one contaminant in the load will render it all as common
waste and there goes your exemption. Also if you are taking it to landfill
it is waste. You may find yourself in a roadside check at the end of a long
wet day where the decision to prosecute will be taken by an equally tired
and P****d off official. Not a position to be in given the relative cost of
a waste transfer licence.

take it to a recycling facility, where they will charge £20/ton or so for
you to tip, rather than nearly £40/ton for landfill. Try for
your nearest facility.

I wish. Under the auspices of Greater Manchester Waste, Green waste costs
£45.00 per tonne and they are the nearest facility.

Look again at the cost of running a chipper. I know I could not afford to be

Get with the programme and do it right.

Tell your customers that you are doing it right. It may help to sell the


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