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RE: Disposal of waste

Subject: RE: Disposal of waste
From: Moore, Kevin
Date: Nov 24 2000 12:04:12
sorry my mistake cubed m3


Kev. Moore

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Subject: Re: Disposal of waste

Do you mean that you can store and compost 1000m2 on your land or 1000m3?
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Date: 22 November 2000 10:03
Subject: RE: Disposal of waste

Oh waste what a problem that is

My understanding of the situation is as follows.

1. if you are burning and anybody takes exception then it becomes a nuicance
under the env. protection act.

2. you cant burn at all in a LA designated smoke free zone.

3. if you are carrying 'waste' and the definition of that is long and
complicated you need 2 things a) a wate carriers licioence from the
Environment agency, i think they are just over the Ј100 pounds mark but to
get them you must be able to demonstrate that you are disposing of the waste
at an appropriate location.b)0 when you are moving the waste you require a
waste transfer sheet thease you can make your self. they need to show things
like date, drivers name, vehicle reg, type of waste and waste destination.

4. if you tip your waste at a transfer station you should get a 'duty of
care ticket' many people do this as part of a recuipt. they must supply you
with it, and the info on the doc ticet need to tie up with your transfer
sheet. you can be stopped at any time by the police environment agency or LA
duty of care officer and asked to show all paperwork if it does not tie up
then you can get done quite badley.

5. you can store a certain amount of waste on your land (cant rember the
amount but it is not huge) without having to have the site licenced. however
if you take waste from anyone els even a car boot full you need a waste
transfer station licence. this can be restricted to 'green waste' but
requires lots of paperwork, a test/interview with the environment agency,
and in most cases planning permission. you then have to dispaly specific
notices and get a provisional licience number when ea are happy you may get
your full liecence. ther is an awfull lot to getting it and the ea carry out
regular unannounced site visits to make sure you are conforming to your
licence, if not they shut you down.

6. wood chips & composting, you can move wood chip without the above (well
gennerally) provided it has an end use, eg if you are taking it to put as a
mulch then its ok if you are taking it to a landfill then it's waste see

7. you can compost on your land upto 1000m2 at any one time if you go above
that amount it requres a waste managment licence, you may also require on of
these to operate a transfer station but im doing all this from memory and
cant clearly remeber. 1000m2 sounds a lot but you can still build it up
quickly if you are buisy.

having said that most people in your line of work are now using
chippers/shredders etc as you can compost the waste, if done properly you
can have excellent compost in 6 weeks, you can get it quicker but then you
have to tinker with it, and it needs to be from a certain parent material.
you can get moore on a load, quicker to laod than brush etc.

You bviously have limits to what goes throught thease machines and depending
on what gash is left over there are a couple of options, big shredders,
people like the tree fella, gannons do hire these machines, tubs flails etc,
but they cost a lot of mony to hire, there are smaller ones availible shop
arround people are always advertising hire in hort week. 2 strile a deal
with a skip company many of the big firms will come to an arrangment where
yoou can have a skip left on your land and changed at set intervals, you pay
a hire rate they change say every 2 weeks. or save up all the gash, oad up
your trailer when you a stock pile and take to the tip occasionallly.

all the above is brief, but at the end of the day conversion in to a
sellable product makes good buissness sence.

hope this helps you decide in what direction to go.


Kev. Moore

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