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Missing Messages

Subject: Missing Messages
From: UKTC List Admin
Date: Nov 26 2000 13:46:27
The present missing message phenomenon has been reported by a number of
users of Outlook (not Outlook Express) and my own investigations suggest
it may also affect users of Netscape Communicator.

Only messages with HTML parts are affected, that's the pretty ones that
you can select different fonts and colours in when your typing them. The
problem is caused by the way the list tag lines are added to the message
not being recognised by Outlook and Communicator.

The use of HTML is 'strongly discouraged' by the list's Terms of Use.
Apart from being a wasteful use of Internet resources HTML can be host
to all sorts of nasties, from code to track details of people reading
messages (including, for users of web mail accounts, the possibility of
your account details being grabbed and used) to fairly nasty, instantly
run viruses such as that which was sent through the UKTC earlier this

The structure of HTML messages is very variable, making it difficult to
find a better way of handling them. Some what easier is to strip out the
HTML parts altogether and pass on only plain text to the list. Since
this has the advantage of reducing the risk of viruses being spread on
the list it is the route that I plan to take. However, even that is
fairly complex and I therefore don't expect to have it done within the
next month.

In the mean time I would urge you NOT TO USE HTML for UKTC messages. The
main culprits tend to be Outlook Express users, and a separate message
will be posted with instruction on how not to send HTML from Outlook
Express. If you are an OE user please take the time to read through and
implement these instructions.

I have made a slight change to the way tags are added which I hope will
mean that HTML messages that are sent are visible to Outlook users (it
works for Netscape - I don't have Outlook to test it on). There is a
side effect though - the content of HTML messages will appear twice and
be a right mess. So just say NO!
Chris Hastie
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